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Landscape Maintenance

landscape maintenance when completed

The key to keeping your investment into your landscape in premier shape is a regular or periodic service conducted by our landscape professionals. We deliver high-quality products to our community members for always-affordable prices. Our lawn and landscape maintenance services are designed to fit the needs of our clients including tree and shrub care, lawn fertilizing, aeration, lawn seeding and so much more. Our team is fully licensed and insured meaning that your landscape is in the very best hands possible. We will be able to transform your commercial or residential property by utilizing our professional tools, industry experience and passion.

Tree and Shrub Care

Maintenance is important when you look at the overall health of your trees and shrubbery! Without proper care and attention, you will not see your flora and arbor flourish, delivering aesthetic appeal and adding longevity to the life of your shrub and trees. Our services help healthy trees stay that way, and neglected trees gain the strength to return to their former glory. Our tree and shrub packages are tailored to fit the needs and scope of individual clients, our on-site consultation offers insight into the current condition of the landscape and creates an action plan.

Lawn Fertilizing

One largely popular addition to any landscape space is the installation of turf. Maintaining your lawn is important when it comes to the visual appeal that your property projects! When your lawn has begun to lackluster or shows signs of poor health you should act immediately to stop any further deterioration. One service that might be an effective and efficient solution is the fertilization of your lawn. All of our services are completed by licensed and insured individuals and conducted using only the top tools in the industry.


The choice to aerate your lawn can be brought on by severe soil compaction, in these cases, it is important to alleviate the pressure that has accumulated. Aeration involves the perforation of the soil; this perforation allows air, water, and essential elements to reach the roots of the grass leading to a far healthier lawn. Aeration conducted by our team is done using high-grade lawn aeration tools and conducted with accuracy by experienced individuals. We take the necessary steps to ensure that your soil regains strength and glows with vitality.

Lawn Seeding

The visual appeal and health of your lawn can become compromised if neglected or if elements have affected the growth. We offer a solution for San Antonio residents when it comes to the restoration of your existing turf. Lawn seeding improves the look and feel of your existing lawn as it thickens existing grass, minimizes weeds, fills in sparse areas and improves health. Our lawn seeding services are comprehensive and offer a high percentage of outstanding results for our clients. Take the health of your lawn to the next level with a simple call or click and get connected with our landscaping experts.