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Cleanups and Prunings

lawn cleanups and prunings

A popular service provided by San Antonio Landscapers is our cleanup and pruning option. We are able to tackle neglected properties adding organization and optimizing healthy growth on the property. Whether you are looking for yard cleanup or preparation for spring or fall properties, our cleanup and pruning service has a comprehensive option for you! We have bundled up the most popular and effective services to better fit the needs of commercial and residential clients, leaving you with exceptional results for an affordable price.

Seasonal Prep

A great time to overhaul your commercial or residential property is in the spring! We take the necessary steps to remove debris, prune trees, and enrich the soil and landscape for the coming seasons! The benefits that your property will see offer unparalleled results and are delivered by licensed and insured landscaping professionals. We ensure accuracy and efficiency when conducting seasonal preparation whether you have retained our services for spring or fall. Preparing your land for the winter season is one way to prevent a buildup in the spring.

Manual Labor

Cleaning up your outdoor space can be a labor-intensive task that involves the removal of debris and the cutting or pruning of trees. We take care of the entire task for commercial and residential clients, no matter the scope! We unveil healthy soil, optimize healthy growing conditions for the new season, and deliver healthy and beautiful landscapes to all! Neglected lawns can be overwhelming when it comes to the overhaul that they need and deserve. To restore your property back to its former glory, or to simply begin the process you will have to invest time and manual labor. This is where we come in handy! We take care of the tedious and tremendous tasks involved in yard cleanup, leaving you free to enjoy your family and skip the manual labor.


Debris builds on your commercial or residential property can cause damage to the underlying turn, flora, and landscape. We offer periodic and on-call cleanup services to eradicate this debris, leaving you with healthy and happy landscapes. Our services are comprehensive and include the removal of debris from the property! We take care of every single step, from beginning to end, leaving you with substantially better-maintained grounds. To fully understand the importance of cleanups and pruning, we suggest that you speak to our licensed and insured landscaping experts today!


Thorough pruning is essential to the longevity and health of your trees and shrubbery. We offer comprehensive and complete pruning services that best fit the needs of your commercial or residential property. Pruning not only removes dead and diseased portions of the tree but also deters pest and animal infestation. Pruning restores a visually appealing shape to the tree while promoting healthy new growth from the areas that have been trimmed. Our team is equipped with the proper tools and industry experience to complete your pruning with efficiency and accuracy.