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    Are you looking for high-quality, efficient, and accurate landscaping providers in and around the San Antonio area? Look no further than San Antonio Landscapers! We deliver unparalleled results for affordable prices to customers in and around our community. As local providers, we are happy to hire and train community members to provide each and every service that we offer. When you are on the search for tenured landscaping contractors, take a deep and long look into the comprehensive services provided by San Antonio Landscapers! We look forward to finding an innovative and efficient solution for your landscaping needs.

    About Us 

    Trusted by community members since our conception in 2000, we have become the top provider for landscaping services in our community and beyond! We take pride in each and every service that we take on, ensuring that passion and attention to detail are infused into each and every project that we undertake. You can see in our finished product the difference that our professional landscapers bring to the table. With years of unparalleled results and unbeatable prices, we are truly the top provider in and around San Antonio.

    Our Services

    Throughout our years of service, we have altered and modified our service offering to better fit the needs of our community members. We are able to amend our services to fit the needs of our commercial and residential clients while maintaining our high standard of quality and consistency. We offer landscape maintenance, landscape design and planning, sprinkler and irrigation services, lawn mowing and edging, cleanups and pruning, and of course weed control. Each and every service that we take on is completed with a high degree of precision and is executed by industry professionals who are insured to complete the task.

    healthy landscape after good maintenance services

    Landscape Maintenance

    Landscapes are investments that we put into our properties! Each landscaping job infuses beauty and function to our outdoor living spaces, which in turn delivers more enjoyment to property owners. Once the initial investment is made into your landscape, you will want to continue to maintain the lawn, flora, and arbor. Our team of landscaping specialists is able to assess the current needs of your property, offer a plan for care, and execute precise and efficient maintenance appointments. Our services leave commercial and residential clients with spectacular visual results as well as longevity for the living organisms.

    landscape design when completed

    Landscape Design
    and Planning

    Our landscape design and planning service is tailored to fit the unique and diverse needs of our customers. Our initial consultation process gives us the opportunity to understand the unique needs of our clients and complete a plan. Working with our landscaping experts is an easy and efficient process that will leave you surprised and delighted. We promise to work tirelessly to offer innovative and effective ways to improve the visual appeal and functionality of your outdoor space. With industry experience and knowledge, we are able to tackle areas of concern and create absolutely stunning results.

    “Wow! I had no idea the difference that the team could do to our space. We are absolutely ecstatic about the finished product and will be recommending their services to any and all who ask!” Landy E.

    Sprinkler and Irrigation Services

    The inclusion of sprinkler and irrigation on your commercial or residential space is one way to ensure a healthy and long-lasting landscape. We offer the installation and maintenance of such services in order to best serve our customers. Our sprinkler and irrigation services are conducted by landscaping professionals who hold the certification and insurance to do so. See the difference that our systems offer to your outdoor space with a simple call to our customer client care agents!

    functional sprinkler and irrigation system

    Lawn Mowing and Edging

    Looking for high-quality lawn mowing and edging services? stop your search after a simple call to our client care agents! We deliver unparalleled services to both residential and commercial customers in and around San Antonio. Our services run on a monthly, quarterly or on-call schedule so that you can choose the option that fits best for you. Speaking to our landscaping experts will deliver a sense of confidence as you get to see first hand how we handle our business. We offer valuable landscaping results for a fraction of the price that competitors charge!

    lawn mowing in progress

    “We had always wondered what to do with our outdoor space. Finding the time to update our landscape was impossible, and after five years we bit the bullet and hired a professional. We love the results and the price tag! Thank you team for all that you have done.” Paula T.

    lawn cleanups and prunings in progress

    Cleanups and Prunings

    Outside spaces require some maintenance throughout the changing seasons, this might come as a surprise or maybe not! To ensure that your trees reach the lifespan that they should it is important to conduct annual pruning practices. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to execute high-quality pruning on your property, no matter the size. Our cleanup and pruning service is tailored to fit the diverse and unique needs of our clients.

    weed control in progress

    Weed Control

    Clients in and around San Antonio rave about our comprehensive and complete weed control services. For years we have delivered unparalleled results to commercial and residential clients in our community. We offer highly effective treatments that do not compromise the safety of your family or pets! By utilizing potent, yet family-friendly chemicals we are able to eradicate weeds throughout your property while keeping the fur-family and children of the home safe.

    “Great team, stunning results, very efficient and affordable. I will recommend to friends and family due to the high customer service and execution.” Oliver W.

    Contact Us Today

    Contact our experienced team of landscaping experts today to book your free, no-pressure consultation and discover the possibilities that your property holds. From regular maintenance to hardscape and softscape installations, you are sure the see a magnificent difference in your usable space. Not only does landscaping increase the functionality and visual appeal of your property, but it also increases the associated property value of your land.